Most Common Reasons for Tree Removal

Top Tree Removal Reasons

Trees can bring life to your property; however, trees occasionally need to be removed, most often because the tree isn’t healthy enough to survive or poses a danger to its surroundings. Here are some of the most common reasons for tree removal.

The Tree Is Rotting or Decaying

Rot or decay are common conditions caused by wood-decay fungi that require a tree to be removed. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to treat a tree with rot or decay and restore it to health.

Signs of tree decay or rot include:

  • Cracks or holes in the bark
  • Dead areas in the trunk or branches
  • Discolored or sparse leaves
  • Mushrooms growing on or around the tree
  • Tree leaning
  • Peeling bark
  • Areas of the tree that are oozing


While these signs can indicate rot or decay, they may also be caused by other issues. If you spot signs of decay, consult with an arborist about your options for the tree. Trees can occasionally heal themselves, but if the decay means the tree is a hazard, it needs to promptly be removed by a professional tree removal service, like All Wood’s Tree Service.

The Tree Roots Are Encroaching on Your Structures or Utilities

It’s common for tree owners to underestimate the span of a tree’s root system. Or, perhaps the tree’s surroundings have changed. Regardless of the situation, if the tree’s roots are approaching your pipes, home foundation, or other structures, it’s best to have the tree removed before it causes expensive damage.

The Tree Has Been Damaged

Trees damaged by severe weather, like lightning, high winds, or snow storms, may be unable to recover. Lightening is notorious for shortening a tree’s lifespan. A tree harmed or killed by harsh weather or other external factors should be removed before it falls and hurts someone or damages your property.

What To Do If You Need Tree Removal

When you need tree removal, it’s best to hire a company with hazardous tree removal experience to ensure the tree is removed safely. If you’re ready to schedule tree removal or learn more about tree removal services, contact All Wood’s Tree Service online or by calling 801-476-9181.

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