Lot Clearing

Thorough Lot Clearing In Ogden, UT

There are many reasons why lot clearing becomes necessary. Installing a pool, building an addition, enhancing your landscape, or just creating a level lawn will all likely require your lot to be cleared.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are caught off-guard when they realize creating space for a new project is more complicated than they anticipated. Brush, stumps, bushes, and trees may all need to be removed. It can be daunting, particularly if you weren’t aware how much work needed to be done to your lot when you decided to begin your project.

Partnering with All Wood’s Tree Service is an affordable solution. We strive to make your project as stress-free as possible. Whether you want to add a small extension to your patio or build an entire new addition to your home, you can trust All Wood’s Tree Service to set the stage for your new development.

What Is Included in Lot Clearing?

Lot clearing can involve the Removal Of Plants, rocks, and obstacles from an undeveloped lot to prepare it for building. Or, it can mean clearing a space on your property to begin a project. 

Shrub and Bush Removal

Shrubs and bushes are some of the most difficult plants to remove from the ground. They often grow strong with deep roots, so it takes a significant amount of digging and hard work if you’re going to try to remove them on your own. When you use our lot clearing services, you’ll find that we have the equipment to remove bushes and shrubs in only a fraction of the time it would take you to do it manually.

Brush Clearing

Smaller plants, weeds, and other organic matter can also interfere with the development of your new project. All Wood’s Tree Service will quickly and thoroughly remove your brush, leaving you with a clear space to begin your new development project.

Tree Removal

Trees and roots are sometimes in the way of new construction or landscaping projects. Our team of ISA-certified arborists can safely access and remove any tree from your property. Once the trees are removed, the project would be ready for building.

Stump Grinding

Smaller plants, weeds, and other Whether you have old stumps or plan to have trees removed, you’ll need to completely eliminate stumps from the area. Fortunately, our stump grinding services make short work of the task. We’ll grind your stumps down well below the surface of the ground, leaving a clear, level lot in their place.

Woodpile and Brush Pile Removal

Piles of brush or firewood frequently become obstacles that need to be cleared. We’ll quickly and completely remove your woodpiles and brush piles, leaving you with the clear space you need for your next project.


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