Stump Grinding

Free Up Space in Your Yard

Consider tree stump grinding services in Layton, Salt Lake City or Ogden, UT

Unsightly tree stumps in your yard can ruin the look of your landscape, prevent you from maximizing your space, invite pests, foster the growth of disease, and pose a hazard to children and pets. Fortunately, stumps don’t have to be permanent fixtures in your landscape. All Wood’s Tree Service offers professional stump grinding services in Layton, Salt Lake City, and Ogden, Utah.

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Stump Professionals You Can Trust

As ISA-certified arborists, we are trained in every aspect of tree care, including stump removal.

We’ll examine the stump, soil, and any nearby trees to determine the removal process that is best suited for your individual situation.

At All Wood’s Tree Service, we prioritize safety, so you can trust that we’ll always use proper stump grinding and removal methods. And when we’re done, you won’t be able to tell a tree was ever there! Contact us today to get started.

What Does a Stump Grinder Do?

A stump grinder uses a multi-toothed cutting blade, much like a saw, to tear the stump into small pieces of wood.

And because it grinds the stump well below ground level, you won’t need to worry about the stump sending up shoots or growing fungus, which could spread to other trees.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

Stumps aren’t just eyesores. They prevent you from using your space and can become hosts for diseases or pests. Stumps also present trip-hazards, particularly for children, the elderly, and anyone with mobility problems.

Thankfully, stump grinding is a simple and efficient way to deal with problematic stumps.

Stump grinding completely removes the stump, reaching below the ground level. The resultant hole is filled in, preventing the growth of shoots or fungus.

And because the entire stump is removed, you won’t have to worry about pests like termites that could potentially spread to other trees or even your home. Plus, once removal is complete, you’ll have a clear, spacious lawn to enjoy.

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