Professional Tree Service in Roy, UT

All Wood’s Tree Service has over 30 years of experience providing professional tree services, such as stump removal, tree branch removal, emergency tree removal, and more.


Stump Removal in Roy, UT

Removing a tree stump takes more equipment than a shovel and a saw, especially if the tree stump is large or diseased. At All Wood’s Tree Service, we make sure there is an ISA-certified arborist on every job site so that you know your trees are being cared for by professionals.

With our stump grinding services, we can remove a stump quickly and safely. In addition to completing the stump removal, we also make sure the resultant hole is filled in to prevent shoot growth and fungus.

Emergency Tree Service in Roy, UT

We are here for you when intense weather conditions cause trees to fall or become dangerous. In Utah, we experience major wind storms and snowstorms, which can wreak havoc on the trees in your yard, especially if they are already damaged, diseased, or dying.

If a tree limb or an entire tree falls during a storm, call All Wood’s Tree Service to discuss our emergency tree service in Roy, UT. We can arrive quickly to remove damaged trees from your property and to check the health of other trees on your property.


Tree Branch Removal in Roy, UT

If you have overgrown trees that are in need of trimming, give our professional tree service team a call. We specialize in tree trimming in addition to other tree care services. Regularly trimming trees is essential to maintaining the tree’s health and protecting your property.

If you have tree limbs that are extending onto a neighbor’s property or that encroach on your home, it is important to reach out for tree branch removal services. We will remove the hazardous branches properly and complete other tree trimming needs to encourage healthy growth of the tree.

Trust Your Tree to Us

If you have any wood work needs, simply call our 24 hour emergency number.