You’ve spent a lot of time and resources selecting, buying, and planting the right trees for your property. Now, you want to keep them healthy and looking their best. Follow these tips to keep your trees healthy all year round. 

Year-Round Tree Health Guide for Healthy Trees


Give Your Tree the Proper Amount of Water

Like plants, trees need water to thrive. While each species has its own watering guidelines, examining the tree’s soil will let you know if the tree needs watering.

The soil around your trees should have consistent moisture. Check it at a depth of an inch or two deep to confirm that it’s moist. If it isn’t, it needs water.

A tree needs approximately 10 gallons of water a week for each inch of the tree’s diameter using a slow watering method, like a drip irrigation system. New trees may need up to 20 gallons of water each week for the first year or two. 

Don’t let the soil dry out (or get soggy), as this stresses your tree, making it more likely to suffer from a pest infestation or disease. 

Mulch Around Your Trees

Mulch is an excellent tool to keep your trees healthy. It protects the tree roots from lawnmowers, debris, and other potential dangers, and helps the soil retain moisture.

Remove the grass around the tree and add two to four inches of mulch underneath the tree. Make sure you spread the mulch out; don’t cover the base of the tree with mulch. 

Schedule Regular Tree Trimming

It’s essential to periodically use a tree pruning service to improve your tree’s structure and remove deadwood that’s impacting the tree’s health. 

Major pruning should be done with the tree is dormant whenever possible. During the summer months, minor pruning may be done to remove small, damaged twigs or clean the tree up. 

Call All Wood’s Tree Service to Keep Your Trees Healthy

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