Tips for Winter Tree Care

Winters in Utah can be brutal. They are so cold and snowy and the conditions are downright unpleasant. That goes for plants and animals as well as humans. Many homeowners lose trees every winter because they don’t realize their trees need a helping hand to make it through the cold months.

Winter Tree Care: Expert Tips for Thriving Trees

Water Thoroughly

Did you know that trees can shrivel up and die because of a lack of water over the winter? With all the snow on the ground, that seems strange, but remember the ground (and the snow) is frozen. The water can’t make it to the tree’s roots, causing the tree to experience a drought.

Make sure your trees are well-watered up to when the ground begins to freeze. Then blanket your trees with thick mulch to help trap moisture and keep the roots warm throughout the frigid winter months.

Give a Fall Feeding

An extra dose of nutrition helps trees as they expand their root systems during this season. Fertilize your trees well to give them a strong boost.

You might even consider deep-root feeding. This involves injecting fertilizer into the ground with an oversized needle to deliver the nutrients directly where they are needed most.

Clear Out Winter Damage

Tying tree limbs together can help strengthen the tree so branches don’t break from the snow load. However, there are plenty of other ways trees can sustain winter damage.

Don’t do any tree trimming though while the weather is still cold. Wait for spring to remove damaged branches and clear out other problems.

What if you’re not sure about pruning your trees or are worried about damaging them further? Hiring a tree pruning service like All Wood’s Tree Service is a great choice. Our ISA-certified arborists know exactly what your trees need to make a brilliant comeback after a rough winter.

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