Tree Removal

Dangerous Trees Need to Go

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There’s nothing more important than your family’s safety. Unfortunately, dead, damaged, and otherwise hazardous trees create a serious threat to your home, yard, and loved ones. Don’t wait until it’s too late to have your hazardous trees removed. All Wood’s Tree Service can access any tree on your property and safely cut it down to avoid further damage. Count on us for all your tree removal needs in Ogden, Salt Lake City, Layton, and beyond.

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  • Protecting Property

Trees that are leaning toward your house or power lines represent a potential emergency. When trees fall, they may damage the structure of your home, crush cars, knock down power lines, and more.

Even large branches have the potential to cause significant damage to your property. Don’t wait for trees or branches to fall. Eliminate the problem with professional tree removal.

  • Root Encroaching and Damaged Pipes

If you’ve ever faced the unpleasant surprise of having your septic system back up into your home, you know just how damaging root encroaching can be. Certain species of trees are known for having extremely large root systems.

That’s great for longevity, but in developed areas, it can become a concern. Over time, roots can crack, break, and block drainage points. Ultimately, removing the offending trees is likely to be the only solution, since the roots will continue to grow, creating chronic problems over the life of the tree.

    Reasons a Needs Professional Tree Removal

    • Personal Safety

    People are number one. Larger trees with dead branches pose a threat to the safety of everyone in the vicinity. It’s impossible to predict when damaged branches or even the whole tree could fall. The danger is especially high when weather factors like wind and snow place stress on already weakened trees.

    • Storm Damage

    While damaged and diseased trees are most at risk of storm damage, any tree can be vulnerable. Lightning strikes may cause trees to split, fall, or catch fire.

    High winds can topple trees. And heavy ice and snow may lead to branches or the entire tree breaking. When trees are damaged in storms, they frequently damage property and present a safety hazard.

    That’s why we offer 24-hour storm damage cleanup services. Remember that removing even downed trees is dangerous work that is best left to professionals.

    • Preserving the Health of Your Landscape

    Like all living organisms, trees sometimes get diseases. These can be caused by fungi, pests, bacteria, or viruses. Such diseases erode the health, strength and viability of the affected tree, increasing the likelihood that it will fall.

    Without intervention, many diseases will spread to the other trees and plant life on your property. Removing the diseased trees protects the rest of your landscape.

      Tree removal is often necessary to protect life and property, along with sustaining a healthy ecosystem. Don’t wait for diseased, damaged, or hazardous trees to fall.

      If you have a concerning tree or just want a professional opinion on the health of your trees, give us a call at 801-476-9181 or contact us here. Our ISA-certified arborists will be happy to provide a consultation and help with all your tree removal and tree service needs.

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