Local Tree Service Professionals Perry City, UT

With over 30 years of experience in the tree service industry, All Wood’s Tree Service is here to help with tree service needs, such as tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, and lot clearing.

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Tree Trimming in Perry City, UT

Did you know that tree trimming can help create healthier, fuller trees? By trimming away dead or diseased branches, the tree is better able to grow and sustain itself. Tree trimming is also beneficial for your home and property.

If tree trimming is not completed, dead branches could fall on your home or you or your neighbor’s property causing many issues. Call our team of tree professionals who can come to your property and give you advice on the best way to move forward and provide an estimate for our tree services.

Tree Removal Company in Perry City, UT

There are many reasons why you may want to remove trees from your property, and we can help with these tree removal services. Whether large roots have caused foundation damage or the tree has become diseased, All Wood’s Tree Service can help remove the tree safely and efficiently.

By enlisting a local tree removal company, you can feel safe knowing we have an arborist on every job. Give us a call if you have a concerning tree and would like to have the hazardous tree removed.

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Crane Service in Perry City, UT

Did you know that in addition to providing a variety of tree services, we also provide crane services? One of the reasons we are able to remove trees safely and quickly is because we utilize crane services rather than chopping down a large, dangerous tree.

While we use our crane for tree removal, we also offer professional crane services for both residential and commercial needs. We can help you with many projects, including tree removal, shed moving, new construction, spa lifting and removal, metal building projects, and much more. Check out our Crane Services page to learn more about the specifications of our crane.

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