Local Professional Tree Service in Layton, UT

With over 25 years of experience, All Wood’s Tree Service proudly serves the Layton, Utah area. We specialize in tree care including, but not limited to, tree removal, stump grinding, and stump removal.

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Fruit Tree and Decorative Tree Pruning in Layton, UT

For the health of your trees and your fruit harvest, annual tree pruning is a must. Pruning is best done in the dormant season of the tree.

Our tree pruning specialists and certified arborists will carefully prune your trees correctly, allowing for proper growth and sunlight to reach and ripen your fruit. All Wood’s experienced tree service team has extensive experience with multiple varieties of fruit trees, as well as other decorative trees. Call us today at 801-476-9181 to schedule your tree pruning.

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal in Layton, UT

Tree stumps are unsightly as well as hazardous. Old stumps can harbor pests like termites, carpenter ants, and beetles. Fungi can also grow in old stumps, which can affect pets, small children, and the health of your plants.

It is important to have stump removal done by a professional, as it can be dangerous and time consuming. A professional can also ensure that the roots do not continue to spread. All Wood’s Tree Service provides free estimates and will remove stumps quickly and carefully.


Tree Removal Services in Layton, UT

When the health or strength of a tree becomes questionable, it is time to call All Wood’s Tree Services. Wind storms in the Layton, Utah area have been known to cause serious damage to property as a direct result of weak or diseased trees that are too close to structures.

All Wood’s certified arborists and tree removal experts can assess each situation to carefully remove your hazardous trees without the DIY hassle. Do not delay – call All Wood’s tree experts to get an estimate for tree removal before something happens to your home, your car, or even a neighbor’s vehicle or property.

Trust Your Tree to Us

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