Professional Tree Care in Morgan, UT

All Wood’s Tree Service is a professional, locally owned and operated tree company providing tree care services such as tree removal, stump removal, lot clearing, tree trimming, and more.


Tree Removal Companies

As an experienced tree care company in Morgan, UT, we can help you choose the best course of action when it comes to the trees on your property. We specialize in removing trees that pose a risk to your property, your neighbor’s property, or your family. It’s a good idea to remove trees with encroaching roots, dead or dying trees, or trees with diseases. With our crane services, we can remove large trees safely and efficiently without all the hassle. Call our professional tree care team to get a free estimate on tree removal services.

Lot Clearing Services in Morgan, UT

If you are starting a new project, installing a pool, or enhancing your landscape, you will most likely need lot clearing services. Clearing brush, stumps, bushes, and trees from your property can become quite overwhelming without the proper equipment and experience. Our team at All Wood’s Tree Service can help you start your new project the right way with our lot clearing services. We can also complete commercial lot clearing services for construction companies before a construction project begins.


Tree Stump Removal in Morgan, UT

No matter how many DIY tree stump removal videos you watch, you should always leave this type of tree care to the professionals. There are many reasons for removing a tree stump from your property, such as protecting young and elderly family members, preventing the growth of disease, or simply wanting to free up space on your property. At All Wood’s Tree Service, we guarantee that there will be an ISA-certified arborist on every job site, which means we have the knowledge and experience to make sure the project is completed correctly.

Trust Your Tree to Us

If you have any wood work needs, simply call our 24 hour emergency number.